New was yesterday. Today, you can save costs, resources and emissions with Sysplast.

Sysplast plastic recyclates contain all of the experience that we have gained since the mid-1970s. They can be used as a substitute for nearly any new material. We call this upcycling, as opposed to downcycling – and with it, we offer you a cost-effective alternative of maximum quality, which we ensure through homogeneous processing. This additionally increases your company’s eco-efficiency, as a comparison with new material makes strikingly clear:

Sysplast saves not just costs, but also energy, resources and CO2.

In the production of 1,000 kg of Sysplast ABS 100, we achieve energy savings of approx. 85%.

Energy input for the production of 1,000 kg of ABS
Cumulative energy use New ABS Cumulative energy use Sysplast ABS
Nuclear power 0.49 MWh Nuclear power 0.83 MWh
Hydropower 0.06 MWh Hydropower 0.05 MWh
Fossil fuels 24.58 MWh Fossil fuels 3.03 MWh
Unspecified 0.12 MWh Unspecified 0.00 MWh
Total energy use: 25.25 MWh Total energy use: 3.91 MWh

Source: Sysplast 2021, statista 2021

Thinking holistically. Acting hand in hand: The closed-loop system is alive across our Group.

We don’t just implement highly-efficient recycling loops for our customers, but also model this way of thinking and acting within the energenta group of companies. We offer you the full range of synergies and products in connection with all forms of plastic recycling, as well as the logistics to precisely meet your requirements.
In this way, we employ innovative technology along the entire value chain to ensure the creation of new products and high-quality applications from valuable recycled raw materials.

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Upcycling instead of downcycling

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