We take old and make it better than new:our plastics.

Our high-quality plastics save you money as well as valuable resources, and you can substitute them for new materials without compromising quality. As source material, we use production waste from the plastics processing industry, reprocessed post-consumer plastics and homogeneous ground material from returned waste electrical equipment – primarily of the polymer types ABS, PC-ABS, PC and PS-HI. The recovered material is first tested in our laboratory for its purity and characteristics. Only after its thermal and mechanical values are determined does it go into the premixture, and from there to the respective extrusion line. It is then processed into regranulates and compounds, either as standard Sysplast products or as components of requested formulations and colours. Following exhaustive quality control, the material is fed into the customer’s production process – and the cycle begins anew!

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You can see here how we convert production waste into inexpensive, valuable raw materials. We will be happy to show you how you, too, can profit from our know-how.

Extrusion dosing system

Extrusion dosing system

Strand pelletisation

Strand pelletisation

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Our grinding plants:

Purest ground material for top-rate regranulates.

When necessary, we do our own grinding – in some cases as a subcontractor to our customers. With a pre-crusher and mills for material of various sizes and types, we reliably achieve optimal results. The ground materials are the starting point for our compounds or, depending on the application, can be processed directly in injection moulding.

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We show true colours – yours, 100 per cent.

Our coloured recompounds shine due to their colour fidelity and reliable quality. And if you want special colours – no problem. We will be happy to recreate them for you and precisely calibrate the formulations to meet your specific needs.

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Upcycling instead of downcycling

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